Road To Hire

Our Stories

Our Stories


“I would still be working on roofs or in kitchens if it wasn’t for Road to Hire. Not sure how else to emphasize that.”

Derik Solis, Sales Academy, Cohort 1

Via Road to Hire, I gained the confidence and skills needed for interviews which helped me acquire both a job and a scholarship.
— Jennifer Gamboa

“Road to Hire has impacted my life by equipping me with the skills needed to hold a software engineer career, which allowed me to be financially stable and purchase a house.”

Nancy Hinojosa, Tech Academy, Cohort 3



Road to Hire has given me the business/network savvy I need to be able to navigate beyond an entry-level position.
— Lauren Meilelani

“Road to Hire has allowed me to be courageous enough to face the fears of failure, brave enough to push through, and confident enough to have my voice heard.”

Marilyn Romero, Sales Academy, Cohort 1

Road to Hire gave me the confidence to get things done, changing my life for the better, and sacrifice short term pleasures for long term success.
— Aeriana Gallipeau

“From teaching me the necessary soft-skills to be successful and productive in life, to providing me with a place to come learn the fundamentals for my dream career; Road to Hire has really changed my life in ways that are sometimes hard to explain. I now am set up in my dream field with zero college debt and it’s all thanks to Road to Hire.”

Marquis Mitchell, Tech Academy, Cohort 5

Road to Hire made me more aware of professional and leadership behaviors allowing me to be successful with individual growth and even more so in the business world.
— Calvin Platt