Tech Careers

Break into the field of web development and web design with 6 months of paid training in a classroom and on-the-job setting. You’ll work closely with mentors to learn coding skills and principles of design. Personal & professional development seminars will help you build the foundation for a successful career.

Every Road to Hire participant who graduates from the training program is eligible for a professional, full-time employment opportunity in the Charlotte metro area. 

About Tech at Red Ventures:

Road to Hire's premier employer partner Red Ventures helps large brands in the healthcare, financial services and home services industries make the digital leap required to engage with today’s changing customer.  Founded in 2000, Red Ventures employs 3,500 people across 15 locations globally. With access to the award-winning technology team at Red Ventures, you’ll gain server side experience, front-end coding experience, and experience working with databases.  If design is your thing, you’ll learn Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and/or Sketch and become familiar with HTML5, CSS3 and modern front-end frameworks. The skills you learn here will help you launch a successful engineering career – at Red Ventures or anywhere.

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