Road To Hire

The Road Ahead, Part 10


The Road Ahead, Part 10

Published: June 12, 2018

Written By: Natacia Long


Have you ever prepared for something thinking it was going to go well, but it didn’t? I have.

I finally made the decision to apply to a job at Red Ventures. After I applied, a couple of days passed before I received a call and went through the phone interview process. I got an invitation to come on site and have an in-person interview, and I thought I was going to nail it. I ironed my slacks and put on a nice shirt and blazer, feeling like everything was going to go smoothly. However, I knew I tanked the interview just five minutes in. [MS1] I had a pit in my stomach as I walked out of the office’s double doors. I didn’t understand, especially since this was the first interview I had ever failed. Why did I have such a bad interview? Where did I go wrong?  

I chalked up my failed interview to a learning experience and came to terms with how I was probably meant to do something else. I continued to pursue different job opportunities, but that’s when I received a call from the Road to Hire program. I didn’t want to do it at all. I didn’t feel like I needed the program to find my next opportunity to succeed, but I spoke to a representative anyway. I was asked to come back on site to speak with the program’s director and I decided it couldn’t hurt. We had a conversation and I told him I didn’t think the program was for me before he could get a word in. He then informed about all the pros of the program and why I should do it, but that the choice was up to me at the end of the day.

I decided to join Road to Hire. Being a part of this program has been so beneficial for me. I realized I had a solid foundation, but there were several skills I had to work on to become the best version of myself. I knew I possessed leadership qualities, but I didn’t know how to be an influential leader. I knew how to communicate, but I struggled with speaking with intent. I knew I had a sales-focused background, but there was room to grow. The Road to Hire program has given me the necessary help to improve upon these qualities.

This program has taught me values that will no doubt stay with me in any job I pursue from here on out. I understand the importance of valuing myself, and more importantly, valuing my teammates and others around me. I’ve learned what being a true leader means. I’ve learned areas in which I should apply myself more, or when to step back and let someone else step up. Road to Hire has allowed me to develop a brand for myself. I’ve smoothed out the rough edges in terms of my professionalism. Lastly, I’ve expanded upon my knowledge of sales and advanced in my career. Road to Hire has prepared me so much that I don’t think, I just KNOW that whatever I’m going to do next is going to be amazing with my newfound knowledge and sense of self.