Road To Hire

The Road Ahead, Part 3


The Road Ahead, Part 3

Published: Oct 6, 2017

Written By: Cole Pendergrass


Have you ever experienced something that felt like a dream at times? That’s how everyday feels now, after completing Road to Hire. The impact this program has had on my life is incredible – not only on a professional level, but an emotional one as well.

Before Road to Hire, I worked in a factory making giant windows and door frames for luxury houses, hotels and apartment buildings. The work environment was the worst I've ever experienced. I felt like hostility lingered around every corner, and I had little hope for advancement. It seemed like I’d be stuck there forever, in that same position. I was depressed, unmotivated, and I had low self esteem.

Once I entered the Road to Hire program, everything changed. This program gave me the essential development I needed. The training and support will help me land a leadership or management role. The skills I learned prepared me to be the best person, friend and worker possible. My confidence is up, my self-esteem couldn’t be better, and my drive and motivation have skyrocketed.

From the moment I entered the building, I knew my life was about to change. That first day of class was rocky, but honestly it was the best first day anyone could ask for. Everyone in the room was respectful and kind. We knew we were all the same: a bunch of grown-up kids looking for a career and a better life.  

Road to Hire has given us the confidence to seize every opportunity, and a blueprint for success. It gave us the ability to not only look ahead to the future, but to also shape it, and the training and conditioning needed to leap over the obstacles ahead.

In a way, the entire class has become my second family in this short amount of time. Thank you to everyone who made Road To Hire possible, because this is a life-changing program that is sure to help many others flourish the same way my class has.

I challenge anyone reading this to to go after what you want, and never settle for less than you're worth. If you don’t know where to start, Road to Hire will help.