Road To Hire

The Road Ahead, Part 6


The Road Ahead, Part 6

Published: Nov 13, 2017

Written By: Derik Solis


You have now arrived at Bus Stop 5.

Now, you’re probably wondering why we’re at a bus stop, or more specifically Bus Stop 5. Well, let’s get to it. My name is Derik Solis and I’m here to tell you about my road trip. It’s a road trip that still has no estimated time of arrival, nor any exact destination. Oh, and by the way — this bus has been driving for 19 years now, so I’ll try to make it brief.

Bus Stop 1: Welcome to the United States of America. I was pretty young when I arrived at this bus stop. I was just about 10 months old. I had no say in this part of my journey, as I was just a passenger on someone else’s road trip. But this was where it all began. It’s where my odds in life became that much better. Although this bus stop was a mostly positive experience, it would later force me to encounter a fork in the road. We’ll visit that part of my journey later on.

Bus Stop 2: I’ve made it to Thomasville, North Carolina. Or as I like to call it: Home. After I left Bus Stop 1, we had several stopping points, but no permanent location. I was two years old when we arrived here. I still had no say in what was going on —  for now at least. This is where I started to grow. I learned how to crawl, run and walk (yes, in that order). Not only literally, but also figuratively. I was a fast learner, and at most times too fast of a learner. But I wasn’t slowing down anytime soon. I was doing well in school, making amazing friends, getting pretty good at sports and so on. I was striving for the stars and everything was going my way, but as mentioned earlier, the infamous fork in the road would make its appearance.

Bus Stop 3: I’m at a fork in the road. You might be wondering what this could possibly be, especially when things were going so great. Well, it was reality. Reality was the bump in the road, the flat tire and the fork in the road. As I was reaching for the stars, I started to realize the stars weren’t accessible. I was going so fast that I didn’t see the dead end sign at the end of the road. The hard part was the dead end appeared in multiple places and all at once. Why couldn’t I get my license? Why wasn’t I allowed to attend early college? Why were my parents afraid to drive? I had so many questions and I was getting no answers. That’s when reality hit: I found out I was undocumented. This made me confused, angry and sad. I couldn’t figure out what to do. I was stuck at the dead end, unable to return to any safe haven or familiar place. I didn’t understand why. I was already at my safe haven. I was already at the only place I knew. I was already home.

Bus Stop 4: I’ve arrived at Road to Hire. Years pass by with no clear solution, and no future detours were in sight until I was introduced to the Road to Hire program. I was graduating high school and had no idea what my next step was. I heard about Road to Hire, but didn’t know very much about the program. I did know that my dream was to become an entrepreneur and Road to Hire had a sales education track. I had to apply and take the risk. I finally found the perfect detour for my voyage. Since college wasn’t an option for me, this was the perfect opportunity. In Road to Hire, I was getting paid to learn and improve myself. Doesn’t make too much sense right? The two months I spent going through the program has and will continue to be the two most influential months of my life. I became the person I was striving to be. I gained leadership skills I never thought I had in me. The stars finally became accessible. I didn’t get to make decisions at the first three bus stops, so I made sure my fourth stop was a well made decision and one that was all mine. Road to Hire was the right choice and a detour well taken.

Everyone has different bus routes and different destinations. Some will have a straight away with no traffic, no flat tires and no fork in the road. For those who have that dead end, find your detour. If my journey represents anything, it’s the ability to be resilient and keep moving forward. That is what Bus Stop 4 did for me. Road to Hire has been and will be the best detour of my life.

With that being said,

Bus Stop 5: I’m headed to Red Ventures. I am officially a full time employee. It sounds pretty odd coming from a 19 year old, but it happened. All I am becoming and will become has a reason behind it. Taking Road to Hire as my detour has given me the tools and skills I need to take anywhere; regardless of it being here at Red Ventures or anywhere else. Now, I challenge you to not be afraid of hopping on the next bus and finding your own detour. A detour to success!