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Your Career at Road to Hire

I finally feel confident and know that there’s much more success in my future. The program has changed my life completely and has unleashed the powerful woman that I am today.
— Hannah Dalla Riva | Sales '18

Customer support

If you love interacting with other people, this is the track for you. Interpersonal skills, enthusiasm for speaking with people, and a mind for problem-solving are a must.

Our coursework:

  • Critical Thinking and Troubleshooting

  • Types of Sales

  • Probing and Handling Questions

  • Building a Positive Mindset

  • The Importance of Being Coachable



If you’re tech-savvy and have an interest in coding for a living, consider a career in software engineering. This is a highly technical field that requires a lot of skills to work in — and Road to Hire will help you build those skills to launch your career.

Our coursework:

  • Git and Github

  • HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

  • React, MySQL, Node.js, WebAPIs

  • Web Accessibility and Security

  • Portfolio Development


IT Desktop Support

If you love helping people solve problems and have a passion for fixing issues, check out the IT Desktop Support career track. You’ll build a balance of customer service skills with technical know-how.

Our coursework:

  • Intro to IT Ops and Desktop Support

  • A+ Certification

  • Network + Certification

  • On-the-job training

Being a Road to Hire Student

Our training is directly applicable to your new career field — and we’ll pay you along the way. Regardless of career track, you’ll grow through personal and professional development seminars that will support you wherever you go.

We eliminate barriers for our students, paying a competitive wage and a variety of services to make sure students have everything they need to participate in the program. In return, we demand passion and commitment. Our students must have excellent attendance and performance in order to graduate the program.

On top of all of this — Road to Hire is fun. Students form lifelong relationships and take part in team building activities throughout the Charlotte region.

Our commitment to our students is that by the end of their experience, they will be…

Marketable. Independent. Connected. Confident.

More Marketable — Equipped with the skills and knowledge to find the job they want and navigate future growth opportunities in their career

More Independent — Equipped with the tools to gain more control of their lives and have a strong foundation upon which to build lifelong habits for success

More Connected — Become part of a network of young professionals and exposed to rich cultural experiences

More Confident — Empowered to let their voice be heard and their story be told